MetsBlog Q&A: with Reyes, about health, Tejada & Beltran

Rich Coutinho:  Individually, your goal was to stay healthy and play a lot.  You’ve done that, so do you leave feeling good about yourself individually.

Jose Reyes:  No doubt.  I feel good.  Even though I had a problem in the middle of the season with my oblique.  Now I feel 100 percent and that’s good for me.  I ffeel happy, because last year I only played 30-something games, this year over 130.  This off season I’m gonna focus on working on my whole body and get to Spriong Training at 100 percent so I can play 160 games like I’ve done in years past.

Rich Coutinho:  Obviously, last off season was a tough one because of your surgery, you didn’t have your normal routine like you normally would have in the off season, but you return to that now, right?

Jose Reyes:  Now I don’t have to worry about only rehabbing my hamstring.  My leg has been good so far all year.  So, the only thing I have to be concerned about and focus on is my whole body…

Rich Coutinho:  Now, you’ve had a chance to play next to Ruben Tejada a lot this year… is he someone you think can play at this level and play a full season?

Jose Reyes:  Sure, he can play a full season.  He’s 20, 21 years old, but he looks comfortable out there and that’s good to see in a young player… I think he can play.

Rich Coutinho:  Lastly, do you think Carlos Beltran found something the last month of the year that he can carry over to next season?

Jose Reyes:  Carlos went through what I went through for a couple of months, like it was kind of tough to get my rhythm going, you know.  And for Carlos, it was kind of the same thing.  But, the last couple of weeks he found himself… I think he’s going to have  HUGE year next year, Carlos, I really believe that.