MetsBlog Q&A: Dillon Gee talks rehab, health and returning to Brooklyn

Dillon Gee is scheduled to make a rehab start on Sunday with Single-A Brooklyn.

He’s been on the disabled list since May 11 with a right lat injury.

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The Mets expect Gee to need one more rehab start before his activation from the DL, which would likely come during the second week of July.

MetsBlog: How are you feeling physically?

Dillon Gee: I’m feeling good. I came down here to get healthy and that’s what I’m doing.

MetsBlog: Are you looking forward to pitching in Brooklyn?

Dillon Gee: I am. I started my professional career there. Obviously, I want to be with the big team and not have this happen, but it’s a great place to go get a rehab game and get my innings back up.

MetsBlog: Initially, the team said you’d miss just two starts, how disappointing has it been to end up missing more than that?

Dillon Gee: It’s very disappointing and frustrating. It’s tough to swallow. But, coming down here helped me get away, being with the team when I was hurt and watch those guys in person play and not be able to be out there is tough. So, I came down here, got my mind right, got healthy and used the time off to rest and now we’re on our way back.

MetsBlog: Do you consider yourself a front-line starting pitcher, a number two, three, etc., or is that something you ignore?

Dillon Gee: I don’t know. We know that, once the first week of the season is over, nobody remembers who’s number one, it doesn’t matter. it just comes five guys going out there trying to make every start and keep the team in the ballgame and help them win.

MetsBlog: Do you consider yourself a veteran?

Dillon Gee: No, not really. I still feel young in this game. But, I guess when you look at some of the guys on the team, I look more seasoned than some of them, so I guess, which speaks to how young our team is and how bright things are for the future. It’s still tough for me to consider myself a veteran guy, though.

Here is video of Gee throwing Friday in Port St. Lucie, along with audio of the above interview:


Gee needs a few starts to prove he's a legitimate candidate in a package. But to acquire who or what? Only front- line starters can be traded for a big bopper.

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

Adam Rubin reports David Wright is headed back to NY to have MRI on sore left shoulder. That's usually not a good thing especially with the Mets. Perhaps Flores could be on his way right back here.


How long did this website and the Mets originally state he would be out for?  

5/14  "Sandy Alderson said that he expects Dillon Gee to return from the disabled list after two turns through the rotation."

Either we are using a 25 man rotation or we can add this to the list of mets injury PR disasters


Unfortunately Flores doesn't seem to be hitting in a hitter-friendly environment. What makes you think he can hit here?

Brian Webster
Brian Webster

@hankypanky  He was crushing in Vegas when he first came up and he hasn't been back down enough to draw much conclusions