Mets will offer Reyes a deal they are comfortable with

In his blog for, Buster Olney says Sandy Alderson’s approach to Jose Reyes this winter is this:

“They are not going to engage in a bidding war for the shortstop. They will make an offer they feel comfortable with, and if it’s rejected, they will move on – and so if the Marlins’ offer is as aggressive as expected, there would appear to be almost no chance Reyes will go back to the Mets.”

Marlins owner David Samson told local radio that Reyes was in Miami on Wednesday visiting with the Marlins and touring their new ballpark.


Matthew Cerrone (posted on Nov. 10, 2011, at 4:12 pm): This sounds about right, since I’ve been hearing for a while (and this in regards to any player) that Sandy Alderson and his staff will set a value and that will be that. I mean, they’re not robots, they will start low, haggle, etc., but – for the most part – I think they have a price point and if another team is willing to cross it, so be it. This is scary (for those of us who want Reyes to return), because I keep hearing Jose and his agents intend to take every last dollar they can get. Frankly, I’ve heard the total value of the contract will be more important to Jose than the number of years he is guaranteed. And so, since the first time I mentioned Miami’s idea of offering three-year, $100 million deals, I’ve seen them as a legit threat. At the same, it will take just one call from Detroit’s Ownership to his GM to get the Tigers fully engaged… and at that point, I find it hard to believe Sandy’s price point will not get crossed.

What am I saying? Back in September, I thought it was 80-20 in favor of the Mets re-signing Jose. In mid-October, I said it was 50-50. Today, I’d go 33 percent…