Jason Bay is a platoon player, Alderson says he’s staying put

Terry Collins essentially told reporters yesterday that Jason Bay is now a platoon player in the outfield, as the manager looks to mix and match, “depending on who is on the mound.”

Aug. 7, 11:11 pm: “I’m not the best option right now, even though I feel like it’s still there,” Bay told reporters last night, in regards to the situation.

Aug 7, 4:39 pm: Collins said he would talk with Bay about the situation before leaving the ballpark Tuesday night.

“Bay is a professional,” Collins said earlier in the day. “All he wants to do is help the club. We had a conversation on the road where he is aware of what we are thinking about.”

Collins told reporters Bay will be used primarily against left-handed pitchers and selectively against right-handed pitchers.

Aug. 7, 6:20 pm: Sandy Alderson told ESPN’s Andrew Marchand that he has no intention of releasing Bay from his contract.

“Certainly, there are times when it is appropriate to eat a contract,” Alderson said. “There are other times when it is not. Bay is not going anywhere, nor is his contract.”

Alderson indicated that stance could change in time, telling Marchand, “That is our position now, nothing is 100 percent certainty in baseball. You know that.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I hope people have learned not to take everything Sandy says at face value. I mean no disrespect by that, it’s just that it’s obvious that Sandy is a very good manager in the sense that he also has to manage expectations, the media and egos of his players and coaches. In this case, he said almost the exact same thing about Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, who he ended up cutting a month or two later.

It’s not that I think he and Ownership would prefer to eat the money, because I’m sure they don’t. However, just because Sandy intimates publicly to ESPN that now isn’t the right time, doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t absolutely do it. The reality is that Bay is still on the team. Also, he had to deal with news today that he is now essentially a bench player. I’m not sure it would be wise for Alderson to come out on the same day and also say Bay could be cut, especially if there’s a chance Bay might turn things around and end up staying on the roster. It would be bad business and bad management to piss off the player, make an enemy, and then need to bring him back into the fold. So instead, you say what Alderson said, and kick the can down the road.