Mets were losers of Dodgers-Sox deal, according to Joel Sherman

This past weekend, the Red Sox sent Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez (and their roughly $250 million in contracts) to the Dodgers for a package of prospects and James Loney.

According to Joel Sherman of the New York, ‘the Mets were the biggest loser in the deal.

Why? “Because the Mets could not get even enough health and production from Jason Bay and/or Johan Santana to make the kind of financial reset trade the Red Sox just did by unloading Beckett and Crawford, in particular,” Sherman explains.

Sherman also wonders why the Mets didn’t look to trade David Wright to the Dodgers, who are also in need of an upgrade at third base.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I don’t know, I’ve read this column by Sherman three different times, and I still can’t tell what he actually thinks the Mets should have done or should do going forward. He contradicts himself so many times it’s dizzying, not to mention he’s using a bizarre, once-in-a-lifetime deal (which looks pretty bad for the Dodgers) as the foundation of his argument… I think. Maybe. That said, sure, it would have been great had Jason Bay overachieved this season so he could be traded, but he didn’t. I don’t see how that makes the Mets losers of a trade that didn’t involve them…

Lastly, I want the Mets to re-sign Wright, not trade him. Yes, they too want to keep him long term, and so do most fans. So, why trade him now when he has an option for next season? At the very least, try to sign him (and RA Dickey) this winter and if all else fails they can look to deal him next summer … if they have to.

Anyway, for a more in-depth, well-worded rebuttal to Sherman’s column, check out Ted Berg’s post at TedQuarters, which is a must read.