Weekend Review: Talks with Wright, Hot Stove & D-Backs OF for Sale

This past Saturday in the Daily News, Andy Martino said, “Mets officials and the agents for David Wright have not yet scheduled a meeting or begun formal contract negotiations, but could do so next week, according to people involved in the process.”

However, “There appears to be more internal debate about Dickey,” Martino added.

Also this past weekend, in case you missed it…

Lastly, also on Saturday, Nick Piecoro of the D-Dacks said, “The Diamondbacks have too many outfielders for too few positions, and though their off-season barely has begun, they’ve already begun to explore the trade market, reaching out to clubs they identified as being in need of outfield help.

In the end, given on-record talks with D-Backs GM Kevin Towers, coupled with information from other sources, Piecoro says he expects the D-Backs to trade OF Chris Young, as well as maybe one of outfielders Jason Kubel and OF Gerardo Parra, while keeping outfielders Justin Upton and Adam Eaton.  Piecoro says the D-Backs feel they might have to pay some of the money still owed to Young in order to make a trade.  Young is due $8.5 million next season, after which he can be a free agent, though he has 2014 option for $11 million that can be bought ought for $1.5 million.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Assuming Upton isn’t getting moved, Young and Kubel sound like someone Alderson could have interest in.

Young, specifically, since the Mets could probably pick up some of his money and not have to give too much to get him, all while knowing he can be just a one-year commitment. However, if last season’s struggles turn out to be the result of injuries to his shoulder and hand, and he rebounds to be the player he was in 2010 and the first half of 2011 (before the injuries started), the Mets could pick up his option and keep him for 2014 (especially since $50 million will be coming off the payroll).

That said, if Alderson wants home runs, and he says that he does, Kubel is a better fit. The guy hits home runs, no question, but he also strikes out a ton and he might be a worse outfielder than Lucas Duda. He’s making $8 million next year with a $7.5 option for 2013.

Personally, I don’t love either of these guys, though Young is more intriguing to me depending on the deal. The thing is, they’re better than what the Mets have and this is something to keep in mind as the Hot Stove gets started in a few weeks… For what it’s worth, I’m hearing a lot of outfielders who could be available in trade, from these guys to Shin-Soo Choo to Josh Willingham. So, there will be options and trades to discuss…