Mets want Dickey done ASAP, but listening & likely to wait

R.A. Dickey white polaroidIt’s said that Sandy Alderson would like to resolve R.A. Dickey’s situation ASAP, according to Andy Martino of the Daily News, but instead he’s likely to take the week weighing trade offers and make a decision back in New York.

Dec. 4, 11:25 am: The Mets asking price for Dickey has been ‘sky high,’ according to a recent tweet from the New York Post’s Joel Sherman.

Dec. 4, 10:42 am: In his morning blog post,’s Buster Olney says:

“Alderson seems to be taking the same approach that he did in the Carlos Beltran talks 17 months ago. He’s making the rounds, setting the asking price – and as time goes on, he’ll be in position to gradually go down the ladder in his demands with a series of teams (the Royals, Blue Jays and Rangers among them) until somebody says yes.”

In the last 24 hours, reports have linked the Dodgers (, D-Backs (Martino), Royals and Blue Jays (Jim Duquette), Rockies (FoxSports) Red Sox (ESPN Boston), Orioles and Nationals (Heyman), and the Rangers and Brewers (Ken Davidoff) as all having some level of interest in Dickey.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Dec. 4, 10:50 am: This isn’t complicated. The Mets have a unique Cy Young Award winner, with a one-year, $5 million contract (as well as a young, left-handed pitcher with a reasonable contract in Jon Niese) and they’re listening to offers in an effort to get more young hitters on their team – something they desperately need. It doesn’t mean they’re going to trade Dickey (or Niese), but they will in the right deal.

In the meantime, they’re getting information on how teams value R.A and Jon., what they’re willing to part with, and once they’ve created a market (and other players sign with new teams, increasing demand for starting pitching) the Mets will make a decision on whether to trade Dickey, trade Niese, sign Dickey or do nothing. If this happens today, OK. If it happens next week, that’s fine to…

In the next week, either before he’s dealt or extended, we’re going to see countless reports and tweets with sources saying he could get moved and sources saying he will stay. I probably won’t link to or post every source’s opinion, because I expect there to be this type of disconnect until the Mets make a definitive move.

It’s also worth noting the Mets could punt, sign Dickey to a two-year extension, then look to trade him next summer, especially now that they know who’s interested and what they’re willing to trade.