Management Angry with Beltran, Luis & Ollie

According to the Star-Ledger, “Carlos Beltran said he had a meeting with his foundation to discuss plans to build a high school in his native Puerto Rico,” “Luis Castillo said he felt he would be too traumatized,” and “Oliver Perez declined to elaborate,” in regards to them not attending the team’s visit to Walter Reed Medical Center yesterday.

Updated at 1:10 pm:

Later, also in a post to Twitter, Newsday’s David Lennon said:

“Lets just say Mets management was very, very angry about it.”

Updated at 10:45 am:

Updated at 10:30 am:

David Lennon of Newsday wrote on Twitter, ‘It was noticed,’ in regards to Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez skipping yesterday’s trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

“Everybody should go,” David Wright told Lennon.

Original Post at 10:02 am:

Mets players and team officials visited wounded military personnel at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center before yesterday’s game.

“I think that just being American and living in this country, we owe it to those guys to say thank you and tell them how much we appreciate what they put on the line every day,” David Wright told the

According to the Bergen Record, “The only players to skip the visit were starting pitcher Dillon Gee, who was not expected to attend, and three veterans – Beltran, Perez and Castillo.”

I wonder what they did instead?  Also, I wonder if they made the trip in previous seasons, assuming they were with the team and not on the disabled list?  I mean, technically, they’re not required to go?  But, I’m curious why they didn’t.