Mets unwilling to offer six or more years to Reyes

In a report for the Daily News, Andy Martino says, “Sources familiar with the team’s thinking have maintained that the Mets are unwilling to offer six or seven years (to Jose Reyes), and might be uncomfortable with five.”

In regards to the team’s parameters for re-signing Reyes, Martino quotes Sandy Alderson as saying, “We have a sense of where we would be comfortable or slightly less comfortable (or) totally uncomfortable.”

Alderson met with reporters yesterday at Citi Field, to talk about changes to the ballpark and other issues facing the team, which you can read more about here.


Matthew Cerrone: Initially I was under the impression Sandy Alderson would not wait around to negotiate with Jose Reyes. But, I keep hearing he has two plans with two budgets in place: one with Jose, one without. The Jose plan probably spends roughly $115 million on payroll next season, while the one without likely drops it to $100 million, depending on other low-risk, high-reward acquisitions. So, if this is the case, what’s the difference if he signs quickly or not?

I know it seems bleak right now, and I know it’s natural for reporters and talk show hosts to hate on the Mets and get people to react by saying there is little chance Jose Reyes will return, and maybe that will eventually be true; but I still think there’s a good shot the two sides find a compromise. In talking to people close to the team in late October, it sounded to me like (at that point) the Mets only wanted to guarantee Jose four years (and between $15 and $20 million a season) with one, maybe two option years based on games played. But, Jose’s camp believes they can get six years and $100 million guaranteed from another team.

The way I understand it, he would love to stay, and so Reyes will accept a fair deal from the Mets. I think if the Mets get it to five years guaranteed, and with two option years based on games played, it could work out; but, it’s going to take time as Jose shops himself around.


Vinny Cartiglia: In August, the majority of voters (58%) said in a poll on MetsBlog that Jose was worth committing to for five years. However, two months later, while more people felt he was worth five years not four years, the percentage of people choosing five years dropped significantly (down to 44%). What’s more, the number of people who said four years doubled (from 19% in August to 40% in October).

These results seem to be consistent with what I am getting from other fans on Twitter and Facebook. While most would be upset, disappointed, and to some degree angry, it seems most fans understand the risk that comes along with giving a player a guaranteed contract of five or more years; especially to a player that hit the DL twice this past season.


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