Mets think they'll get option to counter any offer to Reyes

Joel Sherman says the Mets are under the impression that there is nothing pressing with Jose Reyes; and they will get the opportunity to counter any offer he is presented with.


Matthew Cerrone (Posted on Nov. 15, 2011, at 3:13 pm): Frankly, to think otherwise would be crazy… Seriously, what type of negotiating tactic would it be to simply sign the first and only offer he gets. Of course his representatives are going to want to get the Mets involved, not to mention other teams like the Tigers and Phillies (who have yet to talk numbers with Jose’s people). I’ve been saying this a lot, because it’s important: The Mets did not want to be the first team to say a number out loud. And so, Jose’s people took him to a division rival, got the tour and Miami made an offer (one you have to assume is the floor). Great… let the real negotiating begin (presumably when Jose’s agent, Peter Greenberg, returns next week).

The thing is, from what I can gather talking to people around baseball, and around the player, Matt Kemp’s eight-year, $160 million deal may have given Jose’s camp a renewed motivation to demand the infamous ‘Carl Crawford deal,’ i.e., seven years and $140 million. Most people in baseball that I’ve talked to (not directly involved in these talks) seem to believe Miami likely offered four or five years or less than $100 million total, as it is a logical starting point. The Mets would likely match this, people say. However, it’s a starting point. And, I’ve been hearing for a while now that Reyes is still insisting that he get a deal worth at least $100 million (which I’ve been writing since mid October); and this has only become more firm in the wake of Kemp.


Here are other key updates about Jose over the last few days:

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