Latest on Bourn: Mets still interested, says Alderson

The Mets still have interest in free-agent OF Michael Bourn, the team’s GM, Sandy Alderson, said in a chat with fans on yesterday.

“For us, he would be a very nice fit,” Alderson said of Bourn, since he’d add speed to the lineup and improve the team’s defense. “I think we’re still in the mix, but I couldn’t really predict anything at this point.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

As I’ve been saying, the Mets and Bourn’s agent, Scott Boras, first need to agree to a deal in principal before MLB will rule on the team’s draft pick. Although, both the New York Post and Daily News have since reported that the ruling will likely fall on an arbiter , by way of the MLBPA, probably so MLB can remove themselves from being responsible for the decision. This way, MLB can keep tell reporters they’re against this, but, hey, the arbiter made us do it…

The way I understand it, from people connected to the team, the Mets are thinking three years and around $40 million for Bourn, while Boras is still seeking at least four guaranteed years and at least $15 million per season. However, unless another team (I’m guessing the Indians, M’s, Yankees or Rangers) step up, I don’t think Boras has enough leverage to milk the deal. I like the Mets position here, but with Boras, you just never know what he has up his sleeve…

Feb. 7: According to a league source, if the Mets are able to sign Bourn, negotiations with the MLBPA will likely result in their first-round pitch being protected (Bowden, SiriusXM)

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Feb. 7: Team negotiating with Bourn believes he’s more likely to get $14- $15 million per season than $11- $12 million (Bowden, SiriusXM).

Feb. 7: The draft pick ruling will be in hands of an independent arbitrator, not the commissioner’s office (Martino, Daily News).

Feb. 6: The Mets have discussed giving Bourn a three-year deal, but not worth more than $15 million per year (Rosenthal, FoxSports).

Feb. 6: The Mets may be willing to offer four years to Bourn (Sherman, NY Post).

Feb. 6: The Mets are comfortable guaranteeing three years to Bourn, and they’re open to discussing an opt-out clause after one season, as well as options for a fourth (and maybe a fifth) year (Cerrone, MetsBlog).

Feb. 5: The Indians might consider signing free agent Bourn if his price came down a lot (Olney, ESPN).

Feb. 5: David Wright has spoken to Bourn to try and pursuade him to join the Mets (Puma, NY Post).

Feb. 3The Mets are still determining whether or not to sign Bourn (Cafardo, Boston Globe).

Feb. 1: Peter Gammons said he feels MLB will protect the Mets first-round draft if they sign Bourn, who would then likely sign with the Mets (MLB Network).

Jan. 29: Alderson recently met with Bourn and Boras last week in Houston, however the Mets do not want to offer Bourn more than a three-year deal (Sherman, NY Post).

Jan. 28: Bourn is still seeking a five-year deal (Puma, NY Post).

Jan. 27: Sandy Alderson said on MLB Network Radio he would like some sense of how the league will rule on the pick before signing a free agent who is subject to draft compensation, such as Bourn.

Jan. 20: The Mets will consider signing Bourn if he reduces his asking price and length of commitment (Cafardo, Boston Globe).

Stats: In 155 games with the Braves last year, Bourn hit .274 with a .348 OBP and .739 OPS, nine home runs and 57 RBI with 42 stolen bases in 55 attempts.

Contract: Bourn earned $6.8 million to avoid arbitration with the Braves last season.

Because Bourn received a qualifying offer from the Braves, signing him would cost the Mets the 11th overall pick in the 2013 first-year player draft, as only the top ten picks in the draft are protected.

Sandy Alderson told reporters yesterday he doesn’t feel the rule to protect picks needs to be changed – he thinks the interpretation of the rule needs to be altered.

Alderson said that before they ask the league to protect their first-round draft pick, they would want terms to a contract agreed upon with a player requiring draft compensation, such as Bourn.

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