Royals not will not trade Wil Myers for Dickey

Talks between the Mets and Royals are ‘dead,’ if the Mets want Wil Myers for R.A. Dickey, Bob Dutton reports for the Kansas City Star.

This morning, Royals manager Ned Yost told MLB Network Radio that the Royals would be willing to deal Myers if it brought them a starting pitcher who can “put them over the top.”

Earlier today, ESPN’s Adam Rubin said the Mets have been pursuing Myers, according to multiple sources.

In a recent report, Dutton said the Royals have discussed trading Myers to the Red Sox for Jon Lester or to the Rays for James Shields.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I realize Sandy Alderson said today that he’s had virtually no discussions with teams about Jon Niese. However, yesterday, he said the Mets had talked to teams about Niese, only in less conversations than he’s had about Dickey.

The way I understand, the Royals will consider trading Myers to the Mets in a deal for Niese, but there is significant competition, specifically from Tampa. The Royals want a front-line starting pitcher, because they believe they can make a run this season. They’re ready and willing to pull the trigger on a deal with Myers, but (like Dutton said) talks stop if they’re about a 38-year-old knuckleballer.

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Myers, 22, hit .314 with a .600 SLG, 37 HR, 109 RBI and 140 strikeouts in Double-A and Triple-A in 2012.

He has yet play in the Major Leagues, but is widely considered to be among the best hitting prospects in baseball.

Michael Baron, Contributor

1:01 pm: I still think it’s unlikely the Mets can pry Myers away for just Dickey, and I don’t think it can get done straight up for Jon Niese either. I’d do that deal in a heartbeat, frankly. Myers would be the “difference maker” Sandy Alderson said he’s seeking for his starting pitching.

Jonathan Mayo of ranks Myers (who is big league ready) as the third best prospect in the game, and it’s awfully risky to trade that kind of talent for an aging pitcher like Dickey – even though he won the Cy Young Award in 2012 – regardless Kansas City’s need for a front-line starting pitcher. It’s less risky for Niese, of course, especially since the Royals talking Myers for Lester and Shields.

I wonder if Sandy will wait and see what happens with Zack Greinke, who many believe will sign very soon. He can conceivably create a market among those who fail to sign Greinke and see if a bidding war ensues for either Dickey or Niese.