Mets payroll to go down… slightly

Sandy Alderson expects to add some better players this off season, he said on Monday at Citi Field.

“We’ve tried to win as best we could over the last three years, we’ve made some deals and done what was necessary,” he told SNY. “Next year winning takes on more prominence for us.”

Sandy Alderson 1 polaroidAlderson said, while there are players he is reluctant to trade, such as David Wright and a few pitchers he’d like to keep, no one on his current roster is ‘untouchable.’

10:29 am: Alderson will have roughly $35 million or so to spend on 2014 acquisitions, according to his previous statements.

That said, his payroll will likely go slightly down from its 2013 level of roughly $95 million, ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin says, according to team insiders.

Rubin’s sources say it wouldn’t be “sane” to spend every available dollar in one shot, especially considering the talent available and the trouble bad contracts have caused in years past.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

That’s fine. I don’t care if he spends all of it, half of it or none of it, so long as Alderson improves the team. Ideally, the budget would be more, to help dig the team out of this current funk. But, in either case, the amount of money he does it with is irrelevant to me. If he can trade for players or do some creative accounting to keep payroll down, but still build a better roster, what do I care? It’s not my money to spend. But, it is my time and I’m tired of spending it watching a Triple-A lineup.

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