Mets once thought 5 years for Jose, now it's 4

In talking to people close to the team, I believe Joel Sherman of the New York Post is correct when he reported last week that the Mets are likely to offer Jose Reyes a four-year deal, which he’ll probably view as ‘modest,’ like Andy Martino of the Daily News said this morning.

Based on what I’m hearing from people around the game, the team and the player, it sounds to me like (over the summer) the Mets were willing to guarentee close to $100 million for five years to Jose. His friends, family and agents encouraged him to talk with the team and sign an extension. However, because he had (and still has) concerns about the direction of the franchise, and because he wants at least $100 million in guaranteed money, and because he was confident he’d stay healthy, he ignored their advice and committed himself to testing the open market.

Right now, I get the sense the Mets are more likely to guarantee four years (and between $15 and $20 million a season) with one, maybe two more option years based on games played. It sounds to me like Reyes thinks he can get six years and $100 million guaranteed from another team. And, while I’m not sure that type of deal is out there for him, who can blame him for wanting to find out.

Interestingly, in August, I ran a poll on MetsBlog asking how many years the Mets should commit to Reyes in his next deal. These were the results:

So, last summer both fans and the team were mostly in line with how to value Jose. Today, based on reports that are similar to what I’m hearing, it’s sounding like the team will initially offer less to start; and I wonder if fans still agree?