Mets officials like Jacoby Ellsbury

In a post to the Boston Globe, Nick Cafardo says, “A couple of Mets officials have told me they may make a run at Jacoby Ellsbury this winter.”

The 27–year-old Ellsbury missed the majority of this season with a fractured rib, and had been batting just .192 before the injury.

According to NESN, Ellsbury will not return to baseball-related activities until after this season.

In his previous two seasons, Ellsbury was good for hitting around .290 with 8 or so HR, roughly 50 RBI, 160 runs scored, a .340 OBP and 60 stolen bases.

OK, first of all, how can any Mets official be talking about who they will or will not make a run at when there is no guarantee who the GM will be?

That said, the kid has fantastic speed and quickness, he runs the bases well, he’s a bit inconsistent at the plate, but strong and versatile in the field… when healthy.  So, sure, Ellsbury would look great towards the top of the Mets lineup with Jose Reyes, and playing some place next to Angel Pagan.

He will be arbitration eligible for the first time next season, and is under contract until after 2013, at which point he can be a free agent.

I have no idea what Ellsbury would cost.  However, earlier in his report, right before his remark about Ellsbury, Cafardo randomly writes, “David Wright would fit nicely in the Red Sox lineup.”