Mets official: Murphy more valuable to Mets than others

“Some players are more valuable to us than other clubs,” a team official told ESPN’s Adam Rubin, in regards to whether the Mets might trade Daniel Murphy.


Matthew Cerrone: Well, that’s a nice way to put it, isn’t it? It’s true, though. I mean, he said it, “I’m Daniel Murphy, and I hit third.” He didn’t say, “I play great defense,” you know? That’s what he does. He hustles and he hits. I had one scout tell me last spring that Murphy is best suited at third, mostly because he does better when he has to act and not think. The longer he has to think in the field, the more likely he’ll do something silly. This is true. Think about when he’s playing first and a ball is smoked in the hole – he often comes up with it. But, on a slow dribbler, or a long fly ball to left, look out… And so, I suspect the Mets know how to work with this, which is why they’re more tolerant and willing to find a place for him in the lineup (plus, because of the ballpark, they seem to value offense at second base more than other teams). Whereas, most every organization already has their own Daniel Murphy, i.e., a position-less hitter who is good enough on to be on the roster, but blocked by better players at other positions… and so, why trade for another?


Joel Sherman of the New York Post says the Tigers, Blue Jays and Padres have contacted the Mets about Daniel Murphy.