Long term, Mets like Wright, wary of Dickey

Mets officials remain optimistic that David Wright will be with them long term, according to ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin. However, “R.A. Dickey’s future with the organization is not entirely secure, a team source acknowledged.”

Rubin believes team officials are skeptical of signing Dickey to a long-term extension because of age, meaning there is a chance he gets traded this winter (after the team picks up his $5 million option for 2013).

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Yeesh, I don’t know… I mean, I realize Sandy Alderson could probably get back a good return for a Cy Young winner – coming off 20 wins – making just $5 million next year, especially since it frees up that money in the budget. But, it’s RA Dickey. And, as much as the Mets need an influx of talent, it’s difficult to justify trading away one of the best pitchers in baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I’d listen to offers, because the Mets are not in any position to be stubborn – but, I’m not sure I’d be looking to make a move just to do it. Plus, at the very least, the Mets could start the year with Dickey and look to trade him next summer (assuming, as Rubin reports, they are skeptical of giving him an extension).

In regards to Wright, Rubin says team personnel, insiders and sources all see Wright as capable of being a team ambassador one day, “like the ceremonial role Tom Seaver holds,’ as they reamin optimistic he will sign on and be with the franchise long term.