Mets like Jhonny Peralta ‘a lot’

Jhonny PeraltaThe Mets like free-agent SS Jhonny Peralta “a lot,” according to New York Post’s Ken Davidoff.

Davidoff predicts the Mets will end up signing Peralta, as well as free-agent OF Curtis Granderson, this winter.

Granderson will cost a draft pick (not the Mets first-round pick, which is protected), as will free-agent SS Stephen Drew. Sandy Alderson is unlikely to part with two draft picks, and the Mets need power, which is why Davidoff thinks the team will go for Granderson and then sign Peralta, since Peralta will not cost a pick.

In Davidoff’s best estimation, Peralta and Granderson will each get a three-year, $36 million deal.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

This is sound and makes total sense. I can actually see this happening. I don’t know that it’s enough, and I bet I’m disappointed if these are the only two big acquisitions, but it is an upgrade from last season, no question. These two signings, a starting pitcher, a solid reliever or two, with some minor league deals peppered in, will probably bring the team to the reported $90-100 million payroll. My hope is they also trade to bring in a big bat, which may end up being the off-season’s white whale.

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