Mets have talked Niese, but with less teams

Jon Niese Jersey CircleThe Mets have talked to teams about Jon Niese, GM Sandy Alderson told reporters today in Nashville.

However, he added, he has discussed Niese with fewer teams than have asked about R.A. Dickey.

In either case, he explained, he is not shopping his two pitchers.

“The teams that are interested will approach us,” he said. “We’re not out promoting interest or buying billboards at this stage.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Ugh, I get so uneasy any time I see or hear Niese’s name in connection with a trade rumor. I get it. I totally understand that in order to get something of value, the Mets will have to part with something of value. But, I also have a very difficult time with the idea of trading away a young left-handed,¬†successful¬†pitcher like Niese.

I’d want Royals prospect Wil Myers for Niese, or that level prospect. If not, I’d rather keep him. I’d sooner trade Dickey for prospects than trade Niese for anything short of sure thing..