Mets have not expressed interest in Melky Cabrera

Joel Sherman of the New York Post says five teams have expressed interest in free agent OF Melky Cabrera.

However, “Neither the Mets nor Yankees — both in need of outfield help — has yet to express interest in Melky Cabrera,” Sherman writes.

Michael Baron, Contributor

There is the issue of morals and maintaining a positive image, and what Cabrera has done both in using PED’s and creating a fake website in an attempt to prove his innocence isn’t representative of honesty and integrity.

Second, who is Cabrera, exactly? Is he the bad, unmotivated, out of shape player he was with the Braves? Is he the decent, part time player he was for the Yankees? Or, is he the above average, everyday outfielder he was with the Royals? Could he possibly come close to producing the way he did with the Giants before he was suspended? I don’t think there’s anyway to know, and that makes him a pretty big gamble for any team who considers him. If he’s ultimately a fourth (or worse) outfielder and he signs for somewhere between $2-5 million, the contract will likely be overvalued (keep in mind, Andres Torres produced as a secondary outfielder at best in 2012, and earned $2.7 million). On the other hand, if he signs within that range and both starts and produces at 70 percent of what he outputted over 113 games this season, he will be a bargain at that price. But, that’s the conundrum teams face – he is not a normal free agent by any means.

To me, the only way the Mets could take a risk on Cabrera is if they have a way to transition or simply make Cabrera a fourth outfielder comfortably without having to scramble to find production from his replacement(s). Otherwise, the Mets need more certainty from their starting outfielders, and I don’t think they have the depth to take this kind of gamble.

Previous updates on Melky Cabrera...

Contract: Cabrera, 28, signed a one-year, $6 million contract with the Giants before the 2012 season. He is now a free agent.

Stats: Cabrera was hitting .346 with 11 home runs and 60 RBI in 113 games before being suspended for 50 games for a PED violation – he was eligible to return to the Giants during the playoffs, but the Giants opted not to reinstate him to the roster.

In addition, a friend of Cabrera fabricated a website of a supplement company in an attempt to prove Cabrera purchased a tainted supplement containing the banned substance.