Mets have discussed changing outfield wall to blue

Yesterday, I heard from a few people close to the team who say the Mets are finally considering whether to change the outfield wall to blue in Citi Field (like it was at Shea Stadium). Right now, the outfield wall is ‘soot,’ which is the same color used throughout a majority of the ballpark.

Last year, Dan Asnis sent in this image of what the ballpark might look like with a dark blue wall:

It sounds to me like there is a decent chance this happens, but that it could go either way. It should be noted, though, while I and others have been saying for years that the ballpark would look better with blue walls, I do talk to plenty of Mets fans who either disagree (saying the current color fits better with the building) or who simply don’t care.

Personally, I like it. It just feels right. But, so will winning and having fans in the stands celebrate raising a pennant together, which, in the end (more than any aesthetic change) is what will make Citi Field feel like home (and that is 100 percent dependent on the talent on the field).


Last week, David Lennon of Newsday said the team will likely make an official announcement about changes to the ballpark after the World Series.

Earlier this week, I wrote here that the Mets have already started renovations to Citi Field’s outfield dimensions, which are likely to include significant changes to the Mo’s Zone, left field wall and the gap in right-center field.