Mets had minimal trade talks about Jon Niese this week

Again, Sandy Alderson told reporters today that he had just minimal trade talks this week about Jon Niese.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I’m sure this is true, though it’s gotten to a point where I can’t put a lot of stock in to how these guys talk in public. I mean, it only takes one team to make a good offer for Niese, so I don’t know that it matters that talks were ‘minimal.’ That said, I do believe Niese’s name came up less this week than R.A. Dickey, mostly because – as I mentioned in a previous post – I think the goal here was to gauge Dickey’s value not Niese’s. I think the Mets knew what could be had for Niese going in to these meetings, and now it’s a matter of weighing all three situations (extend Dickey and trade Niese for a bat, keep Niese and trade Dickey for a bat, or keep both pitchers and troll the free agent market) and then make a decision during the next week and a half.

Dec. 5, 12:30 am:The Mets have also discussed Jon Niese enough to lead one source to conclude that early interest was not overwhelming,” Andy Martino reports for the Daily News.

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According to Martino, the Mets are not inclined to trade Niese right now, “despite a widespread view among rival executives that the lefty would yield a far better return than Dickey.”

Dec. 4, 4:24 pm: “We’ve really had virtually no discussions with anyone about Jonathan,” Sandy Alderson told reporters today in Nashville. “So we’d be starting from scratching on that.”

Yesterday, Alderson said the Mets had talked to teams about Niese, but he was talked about less than R.A. Dickey.