#Mets GM Sandy Alderson talks about reports & rumors involving Ike Davis

Last night on SNY, Sandy Alderson said he doesn’t anticipate any long-term damage from last week’s ESPN report, which cited ‘a baseball source,’ accusing Ike Davis of not taking instruction well and for being out late after games.

Alderson said, “Ike’s a valuable part of this team,” adding:

“As long as the situation and the relationship is managed internally, I don’t think another club two months from now will put a lot of stock on a story written towards the end of the season. … I think what’s more important is that we have a good line of communication with the player, make sure the player is confident in us, and that we’re being straight with him. The biggest risk is this stuff comes out, and suddenly it’s attributed to me or someone else, even though a person isn’t named, and it ends up creating a problem in our relationship with the player. I have talked with Ike over the course of the season and somewhat recently, but not since that article. I didn’t feel it was necessary to go back and have the same conversation I’ve had with him before.”

In regards to two reports indicating the team might consider trading Davis if comfortable with Lucas Duda at first base, Alderson cited the team’s overall lack of power and said, “For us to trade a guy who has 30 home runs, we better know where the next 30 are coming from.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I do believe the organization is worried about Ike’s inability to adjust to left-handed pitching this season, which – when coupled with his streakiness, laid back personality and value on the trade market, and given the team’s other needs – should make them open to the idea of moving him. However, I don’t think they’re all sold on Duda either. Yes, as far as I can learn, there were teams – like Oakland – that expressed interest in Davis last winter. So, I’m sure there will be interest again (especially since he’s rebounded to hit 30 home runs this season). In either case, right now, today, I’m not sure the Mets are totally sold on a game plan, despite of knowing they have a ton of holes, a limited budget and you have to trade something to get something…

The point is, as I’ve said before, moves need to be made and every option (short of trading Matt Harvey) should be on the table… and, based on previous reports, and based on what I’m hearing, they are. In other words, prepare yourselves for a lot of these sort of random, vague, suggestive rumors, none of which may come to fruition, but (because the Mets seem to want to explore their options) all of which will probably have a kernel of truth.