Update: Gee, Igarashi and 5 others are re-assigned

The Mets announced this morning that Dillon Gee, Boof Bonser, Ryota Igarashi, Taylor Tankersley, Dusty Ryan, Raul Chavez, Russ Adams and Jason Pridie have all been re-assigned to minor league camp.

So, in the absence of Gee, I guess this essentially means Chris Capuano will be the team’s fifth starter, joining Chris Young, R.A. Dickey, Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese in the team’s starting rotation. Initially, I kept saying I’d prefer Gee in the rotation and Capuano in the bullpen. It’s a tough call. I didn’t see enough of Capuano to be convinced he could pitch in to right-handed hitters well enough to be in the rotation, whereas I am confident in Gee’s ability. But, the bullpen is shaping up just fine, without Capuano, and so if it’s a numbers game, sending Gee to the minors (for now, knowing he can be called upon again in the future), probably makes sense… for now.

The Mets now have 37 players in major league player in camp, including five non-roster invitees.

Updated at 9:05 am:

So far, according to these posts from reporters on Twitter, Russ Adams, Boof Bonser, Taylor Tankersley, Jason Pridie and Dustin Ryan have been cut from camp… also, add Ryota Igarashi to the list.

For what it’s worth, Oliver Perez is scheduled to pitch this afternoon against the Braves, while Luis Castillo is listed in today’s starting lineup, batting seventh, at second base. So, based on Rubin’s statement about seven or eight players below, plus Alderson saying eight or nine to Puma, I bet any news on Perez or Castillo will likely wait until the weekend.

Original Post at 7:53 pm:

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins are expected to cut seven or eight players from major league camp today, which could include Ryota Igarashi, Russ Adams, Jason Pridie, Justin Turner, Dusty Ryan, Blaine Boyer and ‘a handful of others.’

Alderson said yesterday the team will cut eight or nine players over the next two days, Mike Puma of the New York Post said on Twitter.


So, will Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo be cut today?

If I had to guess, I feel there is significantly better chance Perez gets the boot today, while Castillo sticks around. The reality is, strictly from a baseball point of view, there is a case to made for Castillo being on the roster, when considering how Brad Emaus, Luis Hernandez, Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy have performed this Spring. The thing is, in listening to Terry Collins, be it after games, or on air, it just sounds like he has no interest in bringing Castillo to April, because of what he symbolizes to the fans and the amount of historical drama that surrounds him and the team.

And so, the better short-term plan might be to demote Turner, declare Murphy a utility guy, and let Emaus, Castillo and Hernandez keep auditioning over the next week. Also, if the team really wanted to punt, they could find a way to put Hernandez on the disabled list (so he doesn’t have to immediately go on waivers), carry one less reliever, and then drag this out further in to the season.