Recap: Wilpon conference call at 2:15 PM

Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon and team advisor held a conference call with reporters today to discuss this morning’s announcement that they’re ‘exploring their options,’ including the possibility of bringing in a strategic partner.

Here are noteworthy comments from Fred Wilpon:

  • Exploring our options – such as the possibility of bringing in a strategic partner, or partners – is the right thing to do.
  • They are ‘exploring options,’ and wanted to be up front about it.
  • Sterling will continue to be the principle owners of the Mets.
  • This will not impact the day-to-day operations of the Mets.
  • This is not a ‘Mets issue primarily,’ this is a Sterling Equities issue.
  • Sterling is in confidential settlement talks with the Maddoff trustee, and he hopes they come to fruition, but, as of now, ‘it is an uncertainty.’
  • ‘We have discussed a minority interest in the 20, 25 percent range.’
  • MLB has not put any pressure on the team to seek a potential partner.
  • There is no circumstance under which he would consider selling the team.

Here are some noteworthy comments from Jeff Wilpon:

  • SNY is not part of this consideration, ‘It’s totally separate.’

Here are comments from team advisor Steve Greenberg:

  • If Fred and Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz were buying the Mets today, they would be the lead owners, but, like most purchases these days, they would also bring in limited partners to help buy the team. This is no different, ‘There is a wide range or precedent for this around sports,” much like the Maras and Tisches with the New York Giants football team.

Updated at 2:55 pm:

During the conference call, I wrote this on Twitter:

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