Mets will make announcement about Izzy or Boyer

Andy Martino of the Daily News says a decision has been made, one of Jason Isringhausen or Blaine Boyer has agreed to stay in Port St. Lucie to start season, and the team will make an announcement after today’s game.

According to Newsday’s David Lennon, a team official said yesterday they are very worried about the bullpen depth, which is why they want Isringhausen to wait in St. Lucie, while taking Boyer to Miami.

Last week on a conference call, Sandy Alderson said, that while the team has depth in the bullpen right now, in camp, when you consider who has options, who doesn’t, and who can opt out, that depth vanishes immediately.

Original Post at 10:52 pm:

The Mets have asked Jason Isringhausen to remain in Port St. Lucie for a week to increase his arm strength, David Waldstein reports in the New York Times.

Also, according to Waldstein, they are considering whether to ask Blaine Boyer to accept a minor league assignment, even though he has an opt-out in his contract that would allow him to become a free agent if he doesn’t make the Opening Day roster.

Earlier tonight, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York said Pat Misch is currently on waivers. And so, this all must mean Manny Acosta will likely be on the Opening Day roster, assuming Izzy stays in St. Lucie and Boyer declines free agency and takes the bus to Buffalo. This must mean the team has calculated that Acosta is likely to be claimed, while Misch isn’t.

As for Boyer, he can leave, but where is he going? At this point, after weeks of camp, most teams likely have their rosters set, or at least have a plan and people in place. So, if he leaves, he’s likely walking in to the exact same situation he’s in now. At least here, with the Mets, he knows they are fans of his, and know what he’s about.


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