Mets are 100 percent sure they are not trading Reyes

When the team was in Los Angeles earlier this month, Sandy Alderson told reporters it was “very unlikely” Jose Reyes would be traded, although in June, Alderson approached Jose Reyes’ agent, Peter Greenberg, about a new contract, but he was told they will not negotiate during the season.

No matter, the fact Alderson and his group decided not to trade him could mean the two sides are confident a deal can be worked out this winter.

However, in a recent interview on WFAN, Sandy Alderson said resolving the Reyes‘ situation “in a favorable way” is a top priority.

Opinion added by Matthew Cerrone:

I’m not so sure he ‘changed their minds,’ though that’s part of it. Instead, I think both sides believes a deal can be worked out in the off season, and both sides want to make it happen, and so it makes no sense to move him right now. I know, there are some people who say, ‘Trade him, get prospects, then re-sign him.’ But, that never happens. Plus, it’s too risky. The best bet is to keep him, ride it out, get weeks after the season for exclusive negotiations and hope it all works out. In the end, I still believe the big debate will be about a sixth year on the deal: will it be guaranteed or an option?