Mets add Matz, Walters, deGrom and Goeddel to 40-man

The Mets added pitchers Steven Matz, Jeff Walters, Jacob deGrom and Erik Goeddel to the 40-man roster. The roster is now at 40 players.

If a player is left off the 40-man roster, he is unprotected and can be selected in the Rule 5 draft. If he is drafted, he must remain on the Major League roster for all of 2014 or be offered back to his original team.

“Generally speaking, players newly eligible for this year’s draft were selected out of college in 2010, out of high school in 2009 or signed internationally as teenagers in 2009,” Chris Walendin explained on MetsBlog earlier this week. “The full list of Mets players eligible this year, as well as a more detailed description of the eligibility rules, is available here.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

7:00 pm: There is a strategy to this, because while you hate to expose certain guys and risk losing them, it’s very unlikely certain players will be drafted. So, that has to be considered. In either case, most people I’ve talked with seem to feel minor league pitchers Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz,  Jeff Walters and/or Chase Huchingson are the only players the Mets should and will likely protect.