Matt den Dekker breaks his wrist

Matt den Dekker left today’s game against the Tigers after injuring his wrist jumping after a ball in center field.

den Dekker had x-rays performed and he was diagnosed with a broken wrist.

He will travel to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, at which point it will be determined whether or not he needs surgery.

den Dekker was 0-for-2 at the plate today, and was hitting .205 on the spring.

Michael Baron, Contributor

That’s awful news. I was really rooting for him, and he was a lot of fun to watch in the outfield this spring. He was absolutely spectacular in center field this spring, and it was clear the team was still considering him for the big league roster as of this afternoon. He injured his wrist trying to make another great catch today, but this one just did him in. Hopefully he doesn’t need surgery, and he can get back on the field in Las Vegas and continue to work.