Mailbag: Moving Ike Davis to right field?

Alex to Mets Minor League Blog: “I am surprised we have not heard any rumblings about possibly moving Ike Davis to the OF, particularly RF. I understand that he is a very good defensive 1B and that he may not match that defensive value in RF, but he did play both positions in college, as well as in the minors. … The reason for moving him would be that for the most part, and particularly at this moment in MLB history, it is way easier to acquire 30 HR at 1B then it is in the OF. … Not saying this is what should be done but I am surprised I have not heard it as an option at all.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

It’s an interesting idea, and I’m sure Sandy Alderson and company have thought about it, especially given Lucas Duda’s shortcomings in the outfield, but I am almost certain that’s where it ends, as simply an idea. Instead, if anything, I think there is an argument to be made in moving Duda to first base and trading Davis, but even that I don’t think has a chance of happening. Instead, I think there’s a better chance (though an outside chance, at best) that Duda gets bundled in a deal with a young pitcher to get a more proven outfielder…

Toby Hyde, Contributor

You haven’t heard any rumblings about moving Ike Davis to rightfield because it’s a really bad idea. Ike Davis belongs at first. It’s really that simple. As Alex points out, Ike Davis is a solid defensive first baseman. Since 2010, his 5.4 UZR/150 is good enough for sixth among all active first basemen… There is no reason to think he could play a Major League caliber right field. In fact, there is a big reason to think he cannot: he’s slow. Very slow. Mets fans who have watched Davis run should know this…

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