Mailbag: Does Sandy Alderson have full autonomy?

William in Bronxville:Does Sandy Alderson really have full autonomy of the Mets?”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

From what I can tell talking to agents and insiders from other teams, when comparing how these type of people talked about Omar Minaya, it sounds to me like this is mostly Alderson’s show. Obviously, you can imagine whatever dynamic and motives you want. However, speaking as a Mets fan who has had the opportunity to meet influencers around the game, who are not on the Mets, I can tell you baseball has more respect for Mets leadership these days than they did a few years ago. I have no idea if that matters to you, or what value it has on building a winning team, but it seems worth noting.

Basically, it seems people in believe Alderson owns the long-term vision and day-to-day operations of this team. Of course, these days, I assume Jeff and Fred Wilpon are more in the loop than usual because of the pricey, long-term contract extension being talked about for David Wright … which is exactly what other organizations do when $100 million deals are on the deal. I mean, if it was my money, I’d want to know how that chunk of change is about to be spent as well. That said, as is the case with every other GM in baseball, it appears Alderson is manning the chess board, though getting permission to make big moves (to the extent that he’s making any) like re-signing Wright).