Chone Figgins was DFA’d, should Mets make a run?

Jason Wilson asked on Twitter: “Now that he has been released, how about taking a flier on Chone Figgins? He’s cheap and a fresh start could help.”

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Figgins was pretty terrible last season. I’m talking Jason Bay-level terrible. He was no better in 2011.

He had a breakout season for the Angels in 2009, after which he signed a four-year, $36 million contract with Seattle as a free agent. He was designated for assignment, despite having one year and $8 million left on his deal.

Why was Figgins so bad? It’s unclear, but M’s fans and media will say he was never the same after being moved from the lead-off spot, then made worse by moving him from the outfield to second base. It sounds like the difference between Bay and Figgins might be that, while people think Bay lost skills and is unfixable, M’s people feel Figgins still has it, he just needs to find it again… at least that’s how I hear it.

To be an upgrade for the Mets, he wouldn’t even have to be close to what he did 2009. I mean, his 2007, 2008 would be a significant upgrade, frankly. So, I expect teams to be interested in him and it’s hardly a given he ends up signing a minor-league deal or for the league minimum. I expect a small, niche market to develop for Figgins, which could result in him getting a one-year deal.

I’d like to see the Mets make a run at him, but they should by no means go crazy to get him.