Mets release Luis Castillo

After Luis Castillo was released, Sandy Alderson spoke with reporters, and you can hear that conversation by clicking play below:

During the interview, Alderson essentially said:

  • A variety of things went into the decision to release Castillo, but he wanted to see how he looked this spring.
  • He felt Castillo made a strong effort, and couldn’t have done anything differently, but in the end, feels this decision was in the best interest of the organization, and the player.
  • They realized the competition needed to be scaled down at this point, and get more at bats for other players.
  • They realize nobody has stood out, but have an idea as to where the second base competition is headed.
  • While monetary considerations are always in play, he doesn’t believe they would hold the team back from doing what’s best for the long term.
  • He said Castillo was not surprised by the decision.
  • The fans perception of Castillo was taken into account in this decision, but was not a controlling factor.
  • He did not comment on Oliver Perez’s status.

Updated by Matthew Cerrone at 11:26 am:

To me, the real news here is that – finally – as expected with this new front office – the Mets now understand sunk and opportunity cost, and they are making decisions based on what is best for the team, and who will be the best 25 players to start the season. End of story. It’s not about legacy. It’s not about justifying salaries. It’s about what’s best for the team going forward.

What’s more, I’m just glad to see this story end. I don’t blame Luis, so much as I blame the Mets, for how much negativity has surrounded this guy the last year or so. He simply signed a contract. Good for him. It was the Mets who gave it to him. He can’t help but get older, and slower. That’s how life works. It was the Mets who signed him, paid him, overpaid him, held on to him, and kept running him out there. And, thankfully, now this is over, we can all turn the page and move on, and take solace in knowing this new crew is making decisions in the best interest of winning.

To read Alderson’s comments about today’s news, during his talk with reporters, check out Adam Rubin’s blog for ESPN New York.

Original Post by Michael Baron at 10:51 am:

The Mets officially announced that Luis Castillo has been released.

“This was baseball decision,”Sandy Alderson said in a statement.

“I met with Terry (Collins) and made a recommendation to Jeff (Wilpon) and Jeff approved on behalf of ownership.”