Lucas Duda has been aggressively selective, getting on-base consistently

Lucas Duda 1 polaroidLast night against the Nationals, Lucas Duda hit two home runs and walked in four plate appearances.

Duda is now hitting .308 for the season with five home runs and eight RBI in 14 games.

In addition, Duda has 12 walks, a .491 OBP and a 1.234 OPS – all three marks are second best in the Major Leagues.

Duda is swinging at only 12.7 percent of pitches outside the strike zone so far this season.

Michael Baron, Contributor

Last night was one of Duda’s best games of his career. He smoked three balls to center field and hit two of them out. If it was warmer and less damp out, he could have easily hit three home runs last night. But I can’t remember another game when he looked as comfortable as he did. His numbers tell the whole story: He is showing great selectiveness at the plate and, as I said earlier this week, he is clearly beginning to understand the difference between being selective and showing patience. He has learned to be aggressively selective, as he is jumping on hittable pitches, identifying and laying off the pitches he can’t hit and taking his walks in the process. The key is that this continues for Duda, and when he does fall into a slump, he doesn’t lose this approach.