Live: Quotes and Notes from Alderson

The news conference announcing Sandy Alderson as GM can be seen live on SNY, as well as heard on

Here are some quotes and notes, for those who are unable to tune in:

  • He said:  “We are going to work and we are gonna work smart… We’re gonna strive for consistency, but above all we’re gonna strive for excellence… Finally, I think it’s important that we remember that baseball is game, it’s entertainment, and we all want to have fun in the process.”
  • He says it is important to him how the front office is built, and how they make decisions.
  • In terms of the manager, he knows there has been some discussion based on his comments in Moneyball, he says a manager needs to reflect the general philosophy of the organization, and this spread down through the farm system as well.
  • “The manager is a critical part of the overall leadership structure.”
  • He pointed out that he has worked with Tony LaRussa and Billy Martin, noting a ‘fiery’ manager can be important, as he can help represent the fans, which is important.  But, it’s also important that a manager be analytical.”
  • In picking a manager, he says he must keep in mind that this is New York City, and a franchise with a lot of upside potential.  He’s looking for someone who fits in intellectually, but also emotionally, he may or may not have major league managerial experience.  He will have a certain level of independence on field, but also must reflect the overall philosophy.
  • In regards to a question about cutting Oliver Perez or Luis Castiilo, he said, “I think we want to be thoughtful about everything we do.  I’m mindful of public opinion… But, I think we have to be circumspect here… I think we need to be careful about writing off any player or any asset we have without thinking about it carefully.”
  • “If you think about how a team evolves, home grown players are important, not just from a financial stand point, but from a fan stand point.”  he believes the Mets minor league system, in terms of talent, is in the middle of the pack.
  • “This is not a job I would have taken anywhere.  This was a unique opportunity and I am very appreciative to have it.”
  • In response to an Asian reporter’s question about acquiring International talent, specifically from China, he said, “China is a wide open market, not only for players, but for spreading the Mets brand.”
  • He does not see making any changes to the ballpark’s dimensions, though he was sure to point out he has only walked around Citi Field once.
  • “We will be aggressive in the free agent market this year?  Not likely.”
  • He says his style goes like this: 
    • Friendly, but professional.
    • Positive work environment.
    • Analytical, but innovative.
    • I like information.  This doesn’t mean it’s all statistically-based, I trust subjective view points as well.  The game is also about character, and things you can’t measure.
    • Bold but alert to risk and probabilities.
    • I like to act.  Let’s try something, let’s go.
    • Humor, it has to be fun, people have to enjoy themselves.

I’m beside myself.  Seriously.  This is an unbelievable breath of fresh air.