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Terry Collins seems like a straight shooter.  I like that.  Also, he’s very aware of what’s been written about him of late, whether because he’s reading it direct or was briefed by the team before talking with reporters.  In either case, he obviously understands where expectations are for him, which I think is a good thing.  I was led to believe he might be paranoid and timid with reporters.  I didn’t see that.  He answered questions directly, specifically when asked about his time with the Angels.  This will work for him, it might also work against him.  It will be interesting to see how he navigates those moments during the season, when pressed with people questioning his decisions.

The most interesting part of the event, actually, had nothing to do with baseball, but with media.  Collins talked briefly at the podium, i.e., what was on air on SNY and WFAN, then took questions from reporters.  But, there were only a few questions.  The Mets asked, ‘Any more questions,’ but nobody raised their hand, which was odd.  So, it ended.  Then, when meeting one-on-one with TV reporters, then print reporters, in what they call ‘breakaways,’ the questions spilled out and he was asked to provide answers on a variety of topics, all of which you’ll see pop up on reporter’s blogs and articles throughout the day. I wonder if this is a new strategy by the print guys?

In the end, Collins feels like someone from a different era.  I love that he has an understanding and appreciation for the farm system.  I think this will make for an interesting spring training, because I have to think he’ll be more inclined to give a young minor leaguer a shot at a position, because he knows who they are, then someone totally unfamiliar with who is who.  Also, he looks and sounds ‘old school,’ which is refreshing.  I have no idea how he will connect with today’s players.  I can see it going either way.  But, it’s pretty clear he stands for ‘winning,’ playing baseball ‘the right way,’ ‘hard work,’ and taking ‘pride’ in what you do.  I feel I’m going to enjoy these elements, and I think other fans will grow to appreciate it as well as we get closer and closer to the start of next season.

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Terry Collins told TV reporters that he talked to David Wright by phone last night, and hopes to meet him here at Citi Field in the coming weeks.  He intends to talk with the entire roster before Spring Training.

“I don’t like losing,” Collins said.

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He’s right, he is full of energy.  Also, I feel like I’m listening to someone transported from the 50s, with his crusty adjectives and quickness, he speaks like an old-school baseball guy, which is actually kind of refreshing.  I have no idea how it will translate with today’s player, but, to me, it’s fun to listen to.

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I’m here at the Terry Collins press conference in Citi Field, which is set to begin and air live on SNY at 11 am.

To say I’m eager to hear what he has to say, would be an understatement.