Recap: Angel Pagan in studio on WFAN this morning

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Angel Pagan was an in-studio guest this morning on WFAN.

  • Carlos Beltran is in great shape and ready to play center field.
  • Beltran has been his ‘master,’ teaching him about the game and how to maintain performance, which is something he never had before in his life.
  • He doesn’t care where he plays in the field, as long as he’s on the team.
  • He looks for an inside-the-park home run or triple any time he hits the ball hard in Citi Field.
  • Runs Scored is the most important stat.
  • Sandy Alderson is building a good team.
  • The Mets need to play better on the road.
  • Terry Collins is a leader, he will have a positive impact on the clubhouse, because his teammates are hungry and Collins has big expectations for all of them.
  • “When you make a mistake, you want someone to tell you and learn from it, and that’s what a leader is all about, and that’s what Terry is.”
  • Bernie Williams and Juan Gonzalez were his favorite players growing up.

Tonight in New York City, Pagan, Mike Piazza and Nick Swisher will be honored at the Thurman Munson award dinner, which acknowledges excellence in competition and philanthropic work within the community.

“This is a great way to appreciate blessings in life,” Pagan explained. “To help people in the community, to put a smile on people in need is how I was raised as a kid. (Professional athletes) have a great opportunity, you are an example for many kids in the world and I love taking advantage of that and to help people.”

For information on how to buy tickets to the dinner, call 212-249-6188.