Mets optimistic about Dickey trade talks

The Mets seem very optimistic about the trade market for R.A. Dickey, Andy Martino of the Daily News said on Twitter tonight.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Dec. 4, 1:03 am: Teams can say Sandy Alderson’s demands are too high. That’s fine. But, it only takes one team, for whatever reason, to lean forward and pull the trigger. I mean, if three teams are interested in free-agent Zack Greinke, it’s feasible and common for one of those three teams to be proactive and make a deal for a different pitcher first. It happens every winter. The problem for the Mets, though, is the Rays are shopping James Shields and looking for the same type of bat that Alderson is seeking… That said, I like how the Mets match up with Toronto and Kansas City, who have also shown interest in Jon Niese during the last year.

Dec. 3, 8:31 pm: The Mets can say in public whatever they way to say, however they want to say it, but I think it’s fair to at least assume they’re talking with teams about Dickey. Do they want to actually trade him? Is it a way to goad him in to taking a lesser extension? I don’t know, but it’s obvious his name is coming up and they’re talking, just like they’ve been gauging interest in him for weeks, according to other reports.

To me, I see the Mets as a team taking a final shot at moving Dickey for a bat, before either signing him to an extension or keeping him on a one-year deal, at which point they’ll explore trading Jon Niese or signing a free agent outfielder. But, this is the time to talk with teams, in person, through surrogates, about Dickey, and it seems that is what they’re doing. I’m not even certain they’re sold on the best path. I just think this is Alderson and his staff doing their due diligence and if a deal falls in to their lap they may take it… but, at the very least, they know where they stand moving in to the coming weeks.