Latest on Mets & Bourn: Cubs, Rangers, Indians & M’s are interested

Michael Bourn 4 polaroidThe Mets are interested in signing free-agent OF Michael Bourn, who met with Sandy Alderson a few weeks ago in Houston. The Mets will likely offer him a three- or four-year deal, though reports indicate Bourn is still seeking a five-year contract.

Bourn will cost Alderson a first-round draft pick, according to new league rules. However, Alderson believes he should not have to give up the pick, because of a possible loop hole in the rule. So, there is talk the MLB Player’s Association could file a grievance with MLB, on behalf of the Mets, to protect Alderson’s top pick…

3:10 pm: The Cubs, Rangers, Indians and Mariners have more interest in Bourn than is being reported (Rosenthal, FOX Sports).

12:30 pm: MLBPA executive counsel David Prouty says he’s been in talks with MLB through the Mets regarding Bourn (Cafardo, Boston Globe).

Feb. 10: There has been no discussion between the MLB and MLBPA regarding the team’s draft pick (Martino, Daily News).

Feb. 7: Teams negotiating with Bourn believes he’s more likely to get $14- $15 million per season than $11- $12 million (Bowden, SiriusXM).

Feb. 7: The draft pick ruling will be in hands of an independent arbitrator, not the commissioner’s office (Martino, Daily News).

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Feb. 6: The Mets have discussed giving Bourn a three-year deal, but not worth more than $15 million per year (Rosenthal, FoxSports).

Feb. 6: The Mets may be willing to offer four years to Bourn (Sherman, NY Post).

Feb. 6: The Mets are comfortable guaranteeing three years to Bourn, and they’re open to discussing an opt-out clause after one season, as well as options for a fourth (and maybe a fifth) year (Cerrone, MetsBlog).

Feb. 5: The Indians might consider signing free agent Bourn if his price came down a lot (Olney, ESPN).

Feb. 5: David Wright has spoken to Bourn to try and pursuade him to join the Mets (Puma, NY Post).

Feb. 3The Mets are still determining whether or not to sign Bourn (Cafardo, Boston Globe).

Feb. 1: Peter Gammons said he feels MLB will protect the Mets first-round draft if they sign Bourn, who would then likely sign with the Mets (MLB Network).

Jan. 29: Alderson recently met with Bourn and Boras last week in Houston, however the Mets do not want to offer Bourn more than a three-year deal (Sherman, NY Post).

Jan. 28: Bourn is still seeking a five-year deal (Puma, NY Post).

Jan. 27: Sandy Alderson said on MLB Network Radio he would like some sense of how the league will rule on the pick before signing a free agent who is subject to draft compensation, such as Bourn.

Jan. 20: The Mets will consider signing Bourn if he reduces his asking price and length of commitment (Cafardo, Boston Globe).