Kids Want to Know Q&A with Ron Darling, pres. by Chevy Youth Baseball

To spotlight the Chevy Youth Baseball program, which is entering its fourth year, SNY visited participating youth baseball teams and asked kids what they want to know about Ron Darlin:

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Sebastian Vidal, 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, 11-years-old: Did you play other sports when you were a kid and what inspired you to play baseball?

Ron Darling: I played all sports when I was a kid. Baseball in the summer, basketball in the winter and football in the fall. I was recruited to Yale University as a football player. Baseball was my least favorite, until I made the All-Star team when I was 11.

Max Sorkin, 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, 11-years-old: What was your favorite team growing up as a kid?

Ron Darling: The Boston Bruins were my favorite team when I was a kid and Bobby Orr was my favorite athlete.

David Abrenica, 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, 10-years-old: Was it fun to be an MLB player and why?

Ron Darling: Having a chance to make a living while living out your dream is the ultimate. Like I tell my own two sons, find something you love to do and making a living will take care of itself.

Delakwa C Bernard, 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, 11-years-old: Who is your favorite Met?

Ron Darling: Unlike you young fans, I don’t have a favorite Met. I appreciate all the players because I enjoy watching their talent. I had my chance as a young man to be a professional baseball player and I enjoy watching these young men, all of them, trying to make their own baseball history.

Ben Palmieri, 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, 11-years-old: What would you do without MLB and what does it mean to you all?

Ron Darling: MLB is great, but there are so many great things to do in life. Not everyone is cut out to be a professional baseball player but if you love the game you can become an agent representing players, a trainer who takes care of their injuries or an umpire.

Ilan Ezra, 78th Precinct in Brooklyn, 10-years-old: Were you a Mets fan while growing up?

Ron Darling: I was raised in Boston so I rooted for all the home teams. I root silently for the Mets because if they win games, I get in less trouble. Let’s go Mets.

Chevy Youth Baseball is a grassroots initiative that establishes a positive relationship between the New York Area Chevrolet Dealers and the communities they serve. The program provides assistance to 65 leagues by contributing over $100,000 in monetary and equipment donations.

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John Ramos

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