Kids Want to Know Q&A with Gary Cohen, pres. by Chevy Youth Baseball

To spotlight the Chevy Youth Baseball program, which is entering its fourth year, SNY visited participating youth baseball teams and asked kids what they want to know about Gary Cohen:

Chevrolet Youth Baseball_vertical_CMYK

Alex, Age: 11: What is the most interesting thing that you have seen in your travels?

Gary: I once saw Keith Hernandez each three ice cream bars in one two-hour plane flight.

Laura, Age: 7: How did you improve?

Gary: Practice, practice, practice.

Nico, Age: 9: Who is the biggest hitter on the team?

Gary: Lucas Duda.

Stephen, Age: 11: If you could commentate for any team besides the Mets, who would it be?

Gary: Probably the Jets. I’ve been a huge fan since I was younger than you.

Tyler, Age: 12: Did you think it was worth it to fire the Mets hitting coach, and why?

Gary: Sometimes it’s helpful for players to hear from a different voice, even if the message is the same.

Sebastian, Age: 12: How do the baseball players stay calm when they have 2 outs?

Gary: The hardest part about baseball is to understand you are going to fail most of the time. So all you can do is try your best.

Jack, Age: 12: Was it smart to release Jose Valverde?

Gary: Valverde really helped the young guys, but it was time to let those younger guys shine.

Maurice, Age: 10: Why is the Major League called the Major League?

Gary: Because it’s the best. Major, not minor.

Chevy Youth Baseball is a grassroots initiative that establishes a positive relationship between the New York Area Chevrolet Dealers and the communities they serve. The program provides assistance to 65 leagues by contributing over $100,000 in monetary and equipment donations.


Nice job Gary not telling the kids OTHER THINGS you see Keith do.


gary, blink twice if the wilpons are forcing you to do this. 


Gary -- how does it feel knowing you are the best thing about the Mets right now?