K-Rod: Sorry If You Had a Heart Attack

“Sometimes I’ve got fans out there watching, almost giving them a heart attack because all the stuff I do. But take it easy…I know what I’m doing out there. If anyone gets a heart attack because of this game, I’m sorry. But that’s how I get it done.”

Francisco Rodriguez speaking to reporters on Sunday Night

In 23 innings, Rodriguez has allowed five earned runs and 16 hits, while walking ten, and striking out 25, and has eight saves in ten opportunities.

…he seems to walk the tight rope in every outing, but he gets the job done more often than not…he has 10 walks in 23 innings, but the key to his success are the 25 strikeouts in the 23 innings of work, and using his off-speed pitches to get big outs…he makes me nervous, but i do have confidence in him, even though i know he’ll blow his share of saves…i just hope it doesn’t come at inopportune times…