Jose Reyes's Next Contract

Yesterday, the Mets picked up the $11 million option on Jose Reyes’ contract.

In a team press release last night, Reyes said:

“I can’t wait to get started again.  This is where I began my career and this is where I want to stay.  I want to do everything I can to help turn this around here.  The last four years have been disappointing for everyone. We have to make it better and we will.”

This morning in the Daily News, Andy Martino quotes an NL East scout, who says of Reyes, ”Some people think that he’s lazy and has a bad attitude, but I don’t see that.  He obviously plays hard, and he just has a different personality.  There’s nothing wrong with that.”

The idea that Reyes is lazy is ridiculous.  I have never seen him do anything but work hard.

Yes, there were people in the organization who questioned him in 2009.  But, eventually, I think everyone realized that – what was first seen as a lack of effort – was actually Reyes being apprehensive.  And, to be frank, with the way players were dropping in 2009, can you blame him?

This past season, I heard lots of people in the organization compliment Jose’s development as a man and as a leader over the last year.  Nevertheless, in talking to people close to the team over the last week or so, I got the impression that if the Mets were going to present Reyes with an extension, which would have been a shorter-term deal, it would have happened before the option was picked up, rolling in and spreading out the $11 million over the new, larger contract.

However, during his press conference last Friday, Sandy Alderson said he prefers not to give out ‘second-generation, long-term contracts’ to six-year free agents.

So, when you factor in all of the above, it reads like the Mets intend to work on other areas of the roster this off season, see where they are financially, and then maybe low-ball Reyes with an extension this spring or summer.  Most likely, though, nothing gets worked out, they see how he performs next season in a walk year and then roll the dice next off season on the open market, but with a better read on his value.