Johan Santana throws 90 pitches in Brooklyn

Today in Brooklyn, Johan Santana pitched three scoreless innings for Single-A Brooklyn, allowing one hit, one walk and three strikeouts.

Santana threw 38 pitches.

Afterwards, Santana went to the bullpen and pitched three simulated innings, which brought his pitch count to 90 total pitches on the afternoon.

“I feel good. My body had a chance to recover, Santana said, according to the team. “I really needed that. I threw all my pitches and commanded my fastball.”

If all goes well, Terry Collins said yesterday Santana would pitch next Saturday against the Braves at Citi Field.


You don't NEED Lundqvist to win a Cup. If we did, we would have won one with him already.  We need a COMPLETE team, players who can SCORE in the big moments.  A goalie can keep you in games but CANNOT win you games. 


I'm confused on the Talbot talk. You think he's important to keep to help limit games for Hank. Agreed you want to limit Hanks games.

Conversation then leads to you thinking a team may not take a flyer on him because he isn't proven yet and the reason is because the defense in front of him helped him a lot. If the defense was the reason he went 16-4 or whatever he did, then you should be able to place anyone in that spot and get similar results. If the defense wasn't a huge factor than Talbot has shown enough for a team to want to take a chance on him next year as their #1 or in a 1A/1B role. 

I just don't think you can say the defense was the reason for his success and not think any other goalie for $800k couldn't do the same. 

Duncan Fairweather
Duncan Fairweather

MSL wasn't a ghost in the playoffs, because a ghost doesn't turn over the puck all the time.

Also, it wasn't just the playoffs; AV should have been scratching MSL regularly weeks before the knee injury made that a moot point. 

100% finished.