Johan Santana has probable re-tear of anterior capsule

Johan Santana polaroidJohan Santana has a probable re-tear of anterior capsule in his left shoulder, according to Sandy Alderson.

“A second surgery is a strong possibility,” Alderson said. “Johan may be lost to the Mets for the season.”

Santana is in his last year of six-year, $137.5 million contract with the Mets.

He is owed $25.5 million this season. There is a 2014 club option for $25 million, with a $5.5 million buyout.

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Johan flew to New York to be looked at by Dr. David Altchek, who consulted with Dr. James Andrews. He has not been scheduled for surgery yet, according to the Mets GM, and will take the weekend to think over his options. Alderson has not talked to Johan directly, but only with Santana’s agent.

When Santana disclosed the injury, the team wanted to put everyone’s mind at ease with an MRI.

“What we had expected is to get him and us some reassurance about the shoulder, but that wasn’t the case,” Alderson said. “I don’t have firm date on his first complaint about pain.”

When Alderson was asked about an insurance policy on Santana’s contract, he said, “To my knowledge, the contract is not insured.”

“I’m not 100 percent knowledgeable about the insurance situation,” Sandy said. “There may have been insurance earlier in his contract, but it’s rare for insurance to be on the last year of a contact, even with one of this magnitude.”

This is the same injury Santana suffered in 2010.

On the possibility of bringing up Zack Wheeler, Alderson stated, “We will bring him up when he is ready. No immediate need will impact that.”

“We are not terribly deep right now with Santana out,” the Mets GM said. “On the other hand, we do feel we have some depth in the system and some exceptional talent. We just have to see how our needs and the maturation of that talent connect.”

Is this it for Santana?

“Johan Santana has had an exceptional career,” Alderson said. “We all hope that career can continue.”.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

This sucks. It sucks because the Mets need him in the rotation, but it also because there’s a real good chance we’ll never get to see him pitch in a Mets uniform again. And I love watching Johan work. Frankly, he may never pitch in any uniform ever again, given his age and the severity of this injury. I’m taking a wait-and-see approach, because, who knows, maybe he opts to not have surgery and fights his way through to a late-season appearance or two. I highly doubt it, but I’m holding out hope. He’s one of my favorite Mets, and I’d love to see him throw just one more time.

Michael Baron, Contributor

This is sad news. Not only could he be done with the Mets, he could be done, period. Santana has been so much fun to root for over the years — he is one of the best pitchers to ever put on a Mets uniform. He’s gutsy, athletic, personable and was just fun to watch pitch for this team. He has also served as both an inspiration and a mentor to many of the young pitchers on the staff, and there is a very good chance those young guys will not have him around as a leader this season.

Whatever Johan decides to do, I wish him nothing but the best. Johan just blew himself out — unfortunately, it happens at some point, and it’s terribly sad when it does. The no-hitter was a great gift for us Mets fans, and a remarkable achievement in his career, especially after surgery. I’m thankful to have experienced that night, as well as the many other spectacular performances Johan provided over the last few seasons.

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