How the R.A. Dickey trade went down, rumor by rumor......

11:20 am: The Mets have reviewed the medical reports on Travis d’Arnaud’s knee and are not concerned (Passan, Yahoo! Sports).

9:54 am: The deal is expected to be complete within 24 hours, and Toronto is still hoping Dickey signs an extension with them (Bowden, ESPN).

7:23 am: If this deal goes through, the broad perception in the game is that this is a great deal for the Mets (Olney, ESPN).

9:52 pm: While the deal is not final and the Blue Jays will not complete the deal until Dickey signs a two-year extension, “most of the legwork is done” (Sherman, NY Post).

9:40 pm: The Blue Jays could add cash to the deal or another prospect to cover the cost of Buck’s $6 million salary for 2013 (Sherman, NY Post).

5:34 pm: d’Arnaud is the best catching prospect in baseball, (team official to Star-Ledger).

5:29 pm: d’Arnaud is the best position-player prospect in baseball, (MLB scout to Daily News).

5:15 pm: WFAN’s Ed Coleman said on air that he was told yesterday that this deal may not get finalized until late Sunday.

5:07 pm: There is continued chatter that Thole is in the deal (Martino, Daily News).

3:15 pm: The Mets would send Dickey, and maybe Josh Thole and another player to Toronto, who would send Travis d’Arnaud, John Buck, and top Minor League prospect Noah Syndergaard and another player to the Mets (Puma, NY Post).

12:44 pm: Blue Jays and Mets are still working to finalize a deal; the Jays are willing to include d’Arnaud, but not with Gose; once players are agreed to, Dickey will talk about a contract extension (Heyman, CBS Sports).

12:04 pm: To get d’Arnaud and Gose in the same deal, the Mets need to part with a top prospect (plus Dickey) and Dickey must agree to a contract extension (Griffin, Toronto Star).

11:40 am: Anthony Gose is not a part of the deal, though D’Arnaud is  (Sherman, New York Post).

11:08 am: The Blue Jays will not trade d’Arnaud to the Blue Jays unless Dickey signs an extension. He was reluctant to sign with Toronto yesterday, but there’s confidence he will do it today (Sherman, New York Post).

9:33 am: Travis d’Arnaud and Anthony Gose are involved in the deal, although it’s unclear who else might be involved with both teams (Martino, NYDN).

8:22 am: The Blue Jays want to at least talk with Dickey about a contract extension once the medical reports have been reviewed, though it’s doubtful he inks a new contract (Matthew Cerrone).

8:18 am: The Mets and Blue Jays have agreed to the players in the trade, although no specifics are available at this time (Heyman, CBS Sports).

8:03 am: The Blue Jays have been reviewing Dickey’s medical reports since at least yesterday (Martino, NYDN).

12:10 am: The basic deal is likely to be Gose and d’Arnaud or Arencibia for Dickey, with other players involved (Heyman, WFAN).

12:06 am: Gose is likely to be included in the deal (Rosenthal, Morosi, FoxSports).

December 14

11:30 pm: d’Arnaud is very much in play in a deal for Dickey, which could also include multiple pieces going both ways (Rosenthal, FoxSports).

10:47 pm: Mets and Jays are close to a deal, as was the case earlier, but still no agreement is in place (Morosi, FoxSports).

10:36 pm: Though sources wouldn’t rule out the Angels and O’s, the Blue Jays emerged as the front-runners today after a flurry of teams contacted the Mets about Dickey (Carig, Newsday).

10:14 pm: “To get d’Arnaud, I always heard it would take more than just Niese or Dickey, so there’s a chance more Mets could be involved in the deal” (Matthew Cerrone).

8:00 pm: The Mets may be getting d’Arnaud from the Blue Jays (Heyman, CBSSports).

8:00 pm: “Gut feeling is d’Arnaud is in deal,” according to person involved (Martino, Daily News).

8:00 pm: Jays had been insisting on Niese, not Dickey, in talks for d’Arnaud, so I’m fascinated by how this might be playing out (Matthew Cerrone).

6:54 pm: Orioles talked with Mets about Dickey, but saw no fit (Connoly, Baltimore Sun).

6:35 pm: The Mets do not expect a resolution to Dickey’s situation tonight (Carig, Newsday).

6:09 pm: Do not expect a resolution tonight, two people involved have said (DiComo,

5:35 pm: Mets must have a good offer from the Blue Jays, but it’s not done, since they’re still talking with at least the Angels and Orioles (Matthew Cerrone).

5:33 pm: Blue Jays and Mets have made progress, but have yet to reach an agreement (Morosi, FoxSports).

5:22 pm: High-level executive from a team that pursued Dickey believes he is being traded to Toronto (Morosi, FoxSports).

5:17 pm: Rangers GM Jon Daniels says if Dickey is being traded it is not to the Rangers (MLB Network Radio).

4:47 pm: The Rangers are not involved in trade talks for Dickey (T.R. Sullivan,

4:45 pm: Rangers are out, never offered both Mike Olt and pitching prospect Cody Buckel (Ken Rosenthal, FoxSports).

4:42 pm: Blue Jays entered the day believing that Dickey could be theirs in 24-48 hours (Davidoff, New York Post).

4:36 pm: Blue Jays are strong front runners (Andy Martino, Daily News).

4:32 pm: Angels still had interest this morning, but will first shop DH Kendry Morales in an effort to get a pitcher (Matthew Cerrone).

4:30 pm: Blue Jays prefer Jon Niese in a deal for C Travis d’Arnaud, but will move OF Anthony Gose and C J.P. Arencibia in a deal for Dickey, though Mets might need to give up a pitching prospect to get it done (Matthew Cerrone).

3:58 pm: Dickey will not do a contract extension with the Blue Jays (Sherman, New York Post).

3:55 pm: Mets have not talked about a contract with Dickey since Wednesday (Martino, Daily News).

3:49 pm: Orioles and Rangers don’t seem to be involved, Blue Jays are front runners (Heyman, CBS Sports).

3:38 pm: Dickey could be traded as early as today (Rubin, ESPN New York).

3:02 pm: Mets were engaged in intense trade talks for Dickey with Texas and Toronto yesterday, and Orioles have emerged with interest as well (Martino, Daily News).

2:40 pm: Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says the Angels and Blue Jays are two teams believed to have interest in acquiring Dickey.

10:38 am: The Mets are telling teams they have an acceptable trade offer for Dickey, but they are trying to get a better package (Rosenthal, FoxSports).