Mets think they can sign Dickey to less than 3/36 deal

The Mets believe they can sign R.A. Dickey to a contract extension worth less than three years and $36 million, a team source told Daily News beat reporter Andy Martino.

“Rival executives say they have not heard of intense trade talks involving Dickey at the meetings,” according to Martino.

2:19 pm: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says the Mets are not showing very much interest in signing Dickey to a contract extension and instead are discussing him with possible trade partners.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says the Mets are seeking both a catcher and an outfielder in talks for Dickey.

Alderson told reporters today that he does not expect any trade talks to accelerate during the GM Meetings

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

1:15 pm: Insiders at the GM Meetings tell me Dickey will want four years, and probably $50 million after 2013, but the Mets are thinking more like two years and $20 million.

This is probably what the New York Post’s Joel Sherman was referring to this morning when he said, “There was a substantial gap between what the Mets are willing to offer Dickey and what they perceive he wants.”

Dickey told reporters in New York last night that contract talks have progressed between he and the Mets, and he believes the organization is heading in the right direction. However, from what I can gather, the two sides will likely start talking numbers after team executives return from the GM Meetings. I assume this means the team has intimated to Dickey’s agent that they’d like to get a deal done, which is why RA said what he said to reporters, but that hardly means they will.

In all likelihood, the Mets have used this time at the GM Meetings to gauge interest from teams that might want to trade for Dickey. This way, they know how to weigh the trade market against his contract demands when negotiations begin – I guess – next week. Also, for what it’s worth, actual talks with Dickey’s camp might indicate a deal with David Wright has already been hammered out, though not officially agreed to – but that’s total speculation, based on how people who said the Mets would only talk numbers with Dickey after dealing with David.

Still, my bet (and best educated guess) is on the Mets trading Dickey this winter (in a deal that gets a catcher), after which I expect them to announce a new contract with Wright.