Moment from PSL: Brown a long shot, but still intriguing

brown and cowgill

Vinny Cartiglia

Today I followed Collin Cowgill and Andrew Brown, who are two of many competing for a spot in the Mets outfield.

Cowgill makes solid contact.  During all three BP sessions, he was pelting gap to gap line drives. Brown, on the other hand, didn’t have as crisp a session. Multiple times he would shout, “damn,” after missing his pitch and sending a routine pop-up into the field of play. Unlike Cowgill, however, he seems to have a bit of power.  He parked a couple shots over the left field wall; one of which got a nice rise from the crowd.  The fact that he is an unknown has me intrigued and hopeful he can be an effective right-handed half of an outfield platoon.

If nothing else, one thing these two have above the rest are incredible awesome beards…