I'm Reading: about Managers, Fantasy, K-Rod & Ed Hearn

Alex Nelson of Amazin Avenue reviews the new book Evaluating Baseball’s Managers.

Brian Mangan of Fonzie Forever gives more reasons to appreciate Fernando Martinez.

Ray Guilfoyle of Fake Teams looks in to the Top Five Mets Fantasy Baseball Players for 2010, from Jose Reyes to Johan Santana.

Patrick Flood of Exile on 126st Street tells us why we should be worried about Francisco Rodriguez, specifically discussing his rising walk totals and decreasing strike outs.

Ed Hearn of the 1986 Mets has a new website, here, and book, here, discussing his brave battle with kidney disease, which you can learn more about in this video, here.

Mark Healey is doing a great job re-making the classic Baseball Digest magazine.

Lastly, Will Hernandez of Mets Fans Forever wonders what happened to the Mets identity.