I'm Reading: about Autographs, Miguel Tejada, Citi and Shea, Bay and Foster

Kerel Cooper, in a post to On the Black, shows off some of his autographed baseballs, including one signed by Willie Randolph and Cliff Floyd.

Matt, in a post to his new blog Caught Lookin’ wonders if the Mets will consider bringing in Miguel Tejada to play first base.

Mike from New York Baseball Digest says “Citi Field is no different than Shea.”

Finally, Rusty from the Real Dirty Mets Blog wonders why one reporter is comparing the acquisition of Jason Bay to George Foster, who was more or less a bust with the Mets, before Bay has ever played a game for them.

…i’m assuming, rusty, you are referring to the Jeff Pearlman column for CNNSI.com, and i agree with you in that it’s unfair to draw such a comparison, whether Bay has played a game for the Mets or not, as i feel one circumstance has absolutely nothing to do with the other no matter what the similarities are…the fact of the matter is, any player can be a bust wherever he goes…i mean, who’s to say Matt Holliday won’t flame out with the Cardinals, and who would have ever thought Roberto Alomar would turn out the way he did when the Mets acquired him after the 2001 season…unfortunately, players are acquired and paid to perform the way they did in prior years, and there is no way to tell the future…sure, Bay could be terrible, i guess, or he could get injured, but that’s the assumed risk with any big free agent or player acquired via trade…